The Attorney


Why does the “Rabbi Lawyer” go to work every day, fighting so hard to get accident victims the compensation they deserve?

Because he’s had enough of the insurance companies’ chutzpah, that’s why!

One of Michael’s first cases involved a client who was rear-ended at close to 60 miles per hour.  The insurance company offered this client a few hundred dollars for his injuries.  By the time the Rabbi Lawyer was done with them, they paid many thousands more.

Another early case involved an insurance company agreeing to pay for damage caused by its driver, but denying to pay for the client’s injuries caused in the same collision.  This sort of double-speak was definitely not kosher, and the Rabbi Lawyer wouldn’t tolerate it.  He won’t tolerate it in your case, either.

As time went on, Michael began realizing that insurance companies will try repeating this behavior unless there’s someone stopping them.

Michael is proud to be the David in the daily struggle against the insurance company Goliaths! 

Before attending law school, Michael earned his bachelor’s degree from the Rabbinical College of America, where he was ordained by several prominent rabbis, including the former Chief Rabbi of Israel. He earned his law degree from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

As the Rabbi Lawyer, Michael has made various media appearances discussing personal injury issues.  These include the Distracted Drivers Busted radio show, as well as Enterprise Radio, where he discussed why he became a personal injury lawyer.

Michael is deeply committed to the community, and volunteers for different organizations in Southern California.  He is married, lives in Los Angeles, and is the proud father of two children.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys spending time with his family; researching his family tree; and searching for the perfect Chevrolet Corvette.

The Rabbi Lawyer answers to a higher authority.  

When it’s the Rabbi Lawyer on one side of a case, and the greedy insurance company that won’t pay your claim on the other side, who do you think the Judge or Jury will believe?

Call the Rabbi Lawyer today for questions about your case!  The initial consultation is always free.  213-293-6075.