Unbuckled in the Back Seat? Don’t Risk Being a Human Missile!

Unbuckled in the Back Seat?  Don’t Risk Being a Human Missile!

Are you riding in the back seat without your seat belt fastened?

If you answered yes, you could become a human missile in the event of a crash, says the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety in a report released this week.

In the event of a collision, an unbelted passenger in the back seat can become a projectile, slamming into the driver seat at speeds up to 35 miles per hour.  That impact, in turn, can propel the driver into the airbag, causing further injuries or worse.

The Insurance Institute’s study cites statistics that unbelted passengers in the back seats have increased as a result of increased ridesharing like Uber and Lyft.

For some reason, many passengers believe they are safer in the back seat, even when not wearing a seat belt.  Four out of five adults who sit in the back seat for short rides admit to riding unbuckled.

As this article points out, the laws of physics aren’t suspended just because a passenger is sitting in the back seat.  In 2015, 1,018 unrestrained back seat passengers were killed in collisions in the United States.

Wearing a seat belt is required under California law, even in the back seat.  Buckle up!

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