Homeowners are Now Responsible to Maintain Sidewalks in Los Angeles!

Homeowners are Now Responsible to Maintain Sidewalks in Los Angeles!

As a Los Angeles trip and fall lawyer, I have chronicled the sad state of the City’s sidewalks for my readers and clients.

Last year, the City Council finally came up with a solution to fix the sidewalks and try to reduce the number of dangerous conditions of public property.

What most people probably don’t know is that the City recently shifted the responsibility for future repairs to adjacent homeowners.

Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 62.104was passed in November of 2016, and became effective January 1, 2017.

The Code previously placed responsibility on the City for repairing sidewalks that became uplifted as a result of City-owned trees.  That exception no longer applies.

Practically speaking, this means homeowners are responsible for repairing and maintaining the sidewalk that fronts his or her home.  If there’s a dangerous sidewalk, that homeowner has to fix it.

The homeowner can still call 311 to have the City install temporary asphalt patches.  But these patches most often provide only a temporary fix.  Tree roots will keep growing, eventually making the patch obsolete.

Bottom line–as of January 1, 2017, a homeowner who does not maintain or repair a sidewalk in front of his or her home might be held responsible in a subsequent trip and fall on a Los Angeles sidewalk.

Make sure your homeowner’s insurance premiums are paid!

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