Is the “3 Foot Rule” for Bicyclists Working?

Is the “3 Foot Rule” for Bicyclists Working?

Two years ago, the three feet for safety act became law in California.

It forbids drivers from passing a bicyclist unless there’s a minimum of 3 feet clearance between car and bike.

According to a thought-provoking article in the Orange County Register, the law isn’t working in the OC.

Twelve bicyclists were killed throughout Orange County in 2016 in collisions with cars.  That means roughly one cyclist was killed per month each month of 2016.

Despite the increased awareness, “share the road” signs, and clearly marked bike lanes, too many drivers are colliding with cyclists, causing serious injuries or worse.

In 2013, California lost 123 bicyclists.  The DMV says that each year, on average, over 100 people are killed on their bikes in California.

The article discusses important ways that both drivers and bicyclists can help reduce car versus bicycle collisions.

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