Crash Injuries are Down in Hancock Park

Crash Injuries are Down in Hancock Park

Los Angeles is known to all as a city with a diverse population, and way too much traffic.

While the excess traffic in many areas of the City has led to more frequent collisions in those areas, statistics show that Hancock Park is experiencing less traffic collisions and fatalities.

Specifically, Council District 4, which comprises Hancock Park, Larchmont, and Windsor Square, has had relatively few traffic-related fatalities compared to other Los Angeles neighborhoods.

According to the Larchmont Ledger, one reason that might explain these statistics is the implementation of the Vision Zero plan.   The photo of the new crosswalk at Hollywood and Highland is an example.

Vision Zero seeks to eliminate traffic fatalities in Los Angeles by 2025. City officials are concentrating on roughly 450 miles of Los Angeles streets that have been identified as part of the  “high injury network.”

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation released statistics showing that in 2016, 216 people were killed in traffic collisions across the City.  Pedestrians and cyclists comprised 53% of those fatalities.

We can all agree that even one death in Los Angeles is one too many.  Let’s be safe, pay attention, and share the road with cyclists. Watch out for pedestrians wherever you may be driving in Los Angeles.

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