Teen Driving Crash Statistics

Teen Driving Crash Statistics

A few months back, we discussed some tips for teenage drivers just beginning to take the wheel.

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I can tell you that these tips are just as important now.

The Automobile Club has put out some statistics involving teenage drivers.

According to the Auto Club, between Memorial Day and Labor Day, an average of 10 people die every day across the U.S. from a crash involving a teenager.

Nearly 60% of teenage crashes occur as a result of some form of distractions behind the wheel.  These distractions include cell phone use, texting, and internet or app browsing.

Another common form of distractions occur when teenagers interact with passengers.  The social benefits may be entertaining, but too often these scenarios attract disastrous consequences.

If you have a teenager who recently began driving, or will soon start, have a talk with him or her.  Your instruction could impart responsible habits to someone who could be driving for decades.

Parents can find helpful information for teen drivers on the Auto Club’s website.

For questions about your Los Angeles case involving a distracted teenager, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6.