Los Angeles Truck Crashes

Los Angeles Truck Crashes

This afternoon, Los Angeles experienced a horrible truck crash on the 5 Freeway in Los Feliz.

Early reports are that one person was killed, and several were injured when a truck crossed the center median, collided with several vehicles, then jackknifed. The truck exploded, causing a large fire.  Traffic was jammed for hours.

This tragic case highlights the deadly consequences of Los Angeles area truck crashes.

An investigation will be made as to what caused this Los Angeles truck crash.

Nationwide, truck driver fatigue has been cited as a common cause of truck crashes.

The issue is so important that a few years ago, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration revised truck regulations affecting how many hours a truck driver is allowed to work per week.

Thousand of truck crashes occur across the country each year resulting from truck driver fatigue.  It’s too early to tell what caused this horrific Los Angeles truck crash, and our thoughts go out to the victims.

Finally, trucks traveling across state lines are federally mandated to carry higher insurance.  After seeing the carnage from today’s Los Angeles truck crash, the reasons are obvious.

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