Common Los Angeles Slip and Fall Injuries

Common Los Angeles Slip and Fall Injuries

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer who handles slip and fall cases, I can tell you that these cases often involve gruesome injuries.

Many people don’t know how bad a slip or trip and fall can be.  Many people assume that scrapes, cuts, and bruises are the usual extent of the injuries in these cases.


DISCLAIMER: I’m not a physician. This is not intended as medical advice.

The photo above shows an ankle fracture that required surgery.  The surgery is known as “open reduction internal fixation.”

Medical doctors have told me that this means surgery was required to insert metal screws and/or plates to reattach fractured bones that have become detached from one another (also known as “displaced” fractures.)

These types of fractures also occur commonly to other bones in the body.  Elbow fractures, knee fractures, wrist fractures, and shoulder fractures are common in slip and fall cases.

That’s because when someone slips, the instinct is to protect oneself by extending a hand or arm to cushion one’s fall.  Depending on the angle of the landing, different areas of the body can be seriously injured upon impact.

Hip fractures are also common, especially in elderly clients.

Non-displaced fractures are also common slip and fall injuries.  For example, an arm or ankle may fracture or crack without the bone snapping completely into two separate pieces.

And of course, sprained ankles and painful muscle injuries are very common in slip and fall cases.

The bottom line is that Los Angeles slip and fall cases can result in serious injuries that sometimes require surgery, or even multiple surgeries.

A slip and fall can ruin someone’s life, which is why it’s important to hire an attorney familiar with the nuances of Los Angeles slip and fall cases.

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