Los Angeles Purim Safety Tips!

Los Angeles Purim Safety Tips!

It’s Purim time!!

It’s a time for celebration and rejoicing.  In an effort to help keep the festivities responsible and joyful, here are a few safety tips based on my observations in the past.

1. Drink responsibly.  Every year community members are reminded that while Purim is a time to let loose, it’s not a time to be irresponsible.  DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Know your limits!  Providing alcohol to underage individuals can render you liable for resulting harm.

2. Don’t Drink and Drive.  This could be included under number 1 above.  But it deserves its own heading.  If you’ve had something, anything to drink, DO NOT GET BEHIND THE WHEEL. If you need to travel somewhere, get a ride, walk, or take an Uber.  There’s no “Purim Exception” to getting arrested for a DUI.

3. Watch out for Pedestrians.  Purim is a time when community members show their appreciation for each other by delivering Mishloach Manos.  That means children will be out parading their costumes and getting in and out of vehicles.  If you see a stopped car, please exercise special caution, as a child may be lurking, ready to cross.

4. Supervise Children!  This could also be included in number 3.  Keep track of where your children are at all times.  Hold their hands when crossing the street.

5. Don’t Jay Walk.  We live in a community where large streets like Beverly, Third, Olympic, and Pico run through residential areas.  These are huge streets and crossing them without the benefit of a controlled stoplight intersection can be incredibly dangerous.  Best bet–walk to a stoplight and cross there on a green light.

Let’s all enjoy the wonderful holiday safely and responsibly while observing traffic laws!  A Freileche’ Purim to all!