Auto Insurance Rates are Increasing Because of Smartphones

Auto Insurance Rates are Increasing Because of Smartphones

Smartphones continue to distract American drivers at an alarming rate.

They are also responsible for rising auto insurance premiums across the country.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal details how auto insurance executives are having a hard time staying ahead of the trends. Some companies are seeing claims payouts exceed incoming premium payments.

In other words, some auto insurance companies are suffering lower profits as a result of distracted drivers using their smartphones.  The answer: rising premiums.

Allstate Insurance President Matthew Winter reported to shareholders last month that premiums have increased on average 11% since 2014.

State Farm CEO Michael LaRocco admits that smartphone use is an epidemic.  During a survey, 88% of State Farm insured drivers confirmed that they own a smartphone in 2015.  That number was 52% in 2011.

As I reported recently, U.S. traffic deaths increased to over 40,000 in 2016.  That’s a 6% increase from 2015.

We all agree the numbers are going in the wrong direction.

As a Los Angeles accident attorney, a high number of my Los Angeles auto accident cases result from distracted drivers using their smartphones.

We all know that using a smartphone is incredibly distracting.  The problem is that too many people just won’t kick this addictive habit.

Until more people kick this habit, more people will get hurt.

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