New DUI Laws Coming for Uber Drivers

New DUI Laws Coming for Uber Drivers

Ride-sharing drivers– there are changes coming to California’s DUI laws.  They will affect you.

It’s a while away, but starting July 1, 2018, Ride-sharing drivers for Uber and Lyft (and other commercial-for-hire vehicles) will have stricter DUI laws.

AB 2687 will amend the Vehicle Code to make it illegal for Uber drivers to drive with a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.04 or higher.  For most other drivers (above 21), those limits are still 0.08.

You can read the text of AB 2687 here.

Uber provides a convenient way for those unable to drive, for whatever reason, to get to their location.  The last thing a Los Angeles Uber passenger wants is to know that his or her Uber driver has been drinking.

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