Why You Need Comprehensive Coverage

Why You Need Comprehensive Coverage

This week Southern California (and much of the rest of the state) got pounded with torrential rainstorms.

After the rains had passed, my office received an inquiry from a concerned motorist who went to his car in the morning and found it crushed by a tree.  The photo you see here is real.  It happened to him!

What options does one have in this situation?  It demonstrates the absolute necessity for carrying comprehensive coverage on one’s auto insurance policy.

Comprehensive coverage is different than collision coverage.  Collision covers your car and property damage if you hit someone else.

Comprehensive coverage is designed precisely to insure against the situation our Lexus-owning friend encountered when his car got crushed by the falling tree.

Comprehensive coverage is exactly what it sounds like.  It covers ‘comprehensive’ scenarios that might fall outside other coverages, like collision or uninsured motorist coverage.

If you carry comprehensive coverage, you can rest easy knowing your insurance company will pay to repair damages caused by falling trees and other unusual events that are not as common.

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