Filing a Late Government Claim in Your Injury Case

Filing a Late Government Claim in Your Injury Case

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed Government Claims on these pages in the past.

Readers will recall that California law imposes strict time limits on cases involving government defendants.

A plaintiff has six months to file a Government Claim with the public entity responsible for his/her injuries, and this must be done before filing a lawsuit in court.

Now, what happens if a plaintiff does not file a Government Claim within six months?

In this situation, the Government Code allows a plaintiff to file an application to file a late claim with the particular governmental entity at issue.  The Government Code requires that the application to file a late claim be completed within one year of the incident. (Gov. Code 911.4.)

If the public entity denies the application to present a late claim, the plaintiff would then need to petition the Court for permission to file a late Government Claim. (Gov. Code. 946.6.)  This is known as a petition for relief.

As you can tell, these type of cases have unique procedures and can be a minefield for those unfamiliar with the rigors of the Government Code.

So, if you were injured on government property, rear-ended by a Metro bus, or tripped and fell on a Los Angeles sidewalk:

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