Over 17,000 Killed on US Roadways this Year

Over 17,000 Killed on US Roadways this Year

This week the Department of Transportation released its findings on nationwide traffic fatalities.  It’s troubling.

More than 17,000 people have been killed in 2016 in car collisions throughout the country.

Over 35,000 were killed in 2015.  The numbers have been increasing the past two years.

Authorities believe there are several reasons for the increase.  For one, more drivers are out and about because of cheaper gas prices.  And more people are using their cell phones and handheld devices.

As discussed last week, California intends to clamp down on cell phone use by expanding current restrictions.  Come January, holding a cell phone will also be illegal while driving.

Let’s hope more states will follow California’s example.

The report is definitely troubling, and it proves that with automated self-driving technology on the horizon, we are still a long way from completely eliminating traffic fatalities in this country.

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