Why Collision Coverage is Essential!

Why Collision Coverage is Essential!

As a Los Angeles auto accident attorney, I come across various forms of insurance coverage through representing my clients.

A unique aspect of insurance coverage involves what’s known as “collision” coverage.  What is it, and why is it important?

Collision coverage helps pay to repair damage to your vehicle that was sustained through a collision with another car or object on the road.

Isn’t that what all insurance pays for?


Many people are under the misconception that since they have auto insurance, it will automatically pay for any damage to their car.  This is simply not the case!

And unfortunately, many times, drivers aren’t aware of the gaps in their auto insurance coverage until after something bad happens to shine a light on that gap!

Here’s an example:  I had a client recently who did not have collision coverage.  The client’s car was broadsided by a driver in a stolen car who ran a stop sign.

The client did not carry collision coverage.  She did carry liability insurance (harm caused to other cars) and uninsured motorist property damage coverage, but only the bare minimum.

Sadly, the damage to her car exceeded the limits of her policy’s uninsured motorist property damage.  This scenario could’ve been avoided had she checked the box online that said “collision” when signing up for her auto insurance.

The takeaway is that collision coverage is crucial in this day and age, especially with the proliferation of uninsured motorists on our Southern California roads.

Don’t get surprised by gaps in your insurance coverage!  Make sure you are properly insured!  It can save headaches down the line.

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