Motorcycle Lanesplitting to be Legalized in CA

Motorcycle Lanesplitting to be Legalized in CA

As a Los Angeles accident attorney, I stay abreast of important legal developments affecting motorists in our city.

To that end, it looks like California is about to become the first state to explicitly sanction the practice of motorcycle lanesplitting.

Lanesplitting is when a motorcyclist rides between the cars, usually on the lane marker, or between two adjacent lanes.  The practice is common at intersections where traffic is backed up.

Until now, lanesplitting has been tolerated by law enforcement.  Now, it will be official law, as soon as Governor Brown signs the bill sent to his desk by the State Legislature.

Motorcyclists swear by the practice, arguing that it reduces congestion and helps prevent motorcycle accidents.

I’ve seen first-hand the suffering my clients have endured after being in a Los Angeles motorcycle crash.  Let’s hope this law will help prevent motorcycle accidents in Los Angeles and beyond.

Remember, there are common motorcycle accident scenarios that I’ve discussed in the past.  Now that we’ll be seeing more lanesplitters, it’s a great time to review these scenarios to help prevent serious collisions here in LA.

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