In an Accident While Visiting Los Angeles. . .

In an Accident While Visiting Los Angeles. . .

What happens if you’re from out of town, and are involved in an auto accident while visiting Los Angeles?

Can you sue the responsible driver in court wherever it is you’re from?

In most cases, the answer is probably not.

The reason is something the law calls “personal jurisdiction.”

In a nutshell, personal jurisdiction refers to the court’s legal authority over the parties involved in the case.  In other words, it’s the inherent authority the court has over the parties involved in the case.

If you understand this concept, congratulations!  Every first year law student spends months studying it.  It takes many people years to wrap their heads around it!

If you’re from, say, Texas, and are involved in a Los Angeles car accident, the court in Texas will not have personal jurisdiction over the driver here in Los Angeles who is responsible for your injuries. Only the Los Angeles Superior Court will.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t pursue your case!

I have handled cases in the past for clients who live out of state.  They’ve hired me to represent them here in Los Angeles for injuries they suffered while visiting from out of state.

The bottom line is that just because you’re from out of state doesn’t mean you don’t have a case if you were hurt in a Los Angeles car accident.

Consult a Los Angeles accident attorney for questions about your specific case today!

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