RV Accidents in Southern California

RV Accidents in Southern California

By now, many people have heard about the terrible RV crash in Canoga Park this weekend that killed two people.

The recreational vehicle, or “RV”, jumped the sidewalk and slammed into a fire hydrant.

Authorities are investigating the cause of this fatal crash.

It brings to light an important question:  How are RV crashes different from a typical Los Angeles automobile collision?

RV crashes and automobile collisions can involve similar issues.

For example, determining who is at fault in a Los Angeles RV crash is an important issue.

Did one of the drivers, RV or auto, violate a statute, such as the California Vehicle Code?

RVs in California must maintain proper liability insurance too.  And RV drivers must have a different type of driver license and pass a specific test offered by the DMV.

The DMV handbook on RV ownership is available online, and it lists the specific requirements that California RV drivers must meet to drive an RV here in California.

There is something uniquely American about taking to the open road in a recreational vehicle.  Nevertheless, Southern California RV drivers should make sure they are up to date on all their licensing requirements.

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