Legal Responsibility When Self-Driving Cars Crash

Legal Responsibility When Self-Driving Cars Crash

My clients and readers know that the issue of self-driving cars is one I’ve been studying for a while.

A key question that keeps popping up is who would be responsible when a driverless car crashes?

Regulators are still struggling to answer this question.

Next month the NHTSA plans to unveil a preliminary set of rules outlining the framework for autonomous vehicles.  The agency warns that these rules are preliminary and will evolve with time.

Researchers are concerned that autonomous vehicles will eventually begin making decisions behind the wheel that could conflict with a human driver’s intuition and morality.

As an example, if there’s a trolley up ahead, and the self-driving car senses an emergency, what if the autonomous car’s computer decides that it’s better to save the trolley passengers than the vehicle passengers?

It’s questions like these that are perplexing the industry.

I will continue to research this issue and provide updates as they become available.

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