Most Common Driving Distractions

Most Common Driving Distractions

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I deal with the consequences of distracted driving almost every day.

What are the most common driving distractions facing Los Angeles drivers?

1. Cell phones.  Cell phone use is by far the most common driving distraction.  Most people are addicted to their phones.  We use them as a camera, computer, gaming device, and so on.

But using your handheld phone while driving is illegal (unless you’re using it for GPS).  Eliminating the use of handheld cell phones is the surest way to help prevent a Los Angeles crash.  But it’s not the only way.

2. Grooming.  We’ve all seen the guy in the adjacent lane using his mirror to shave.   We’ve also seen women applying makeup in the morning.  Staring at the mirror instead of the roadway is a recipe for disaster.  There’s no “grooming” defense to rear-ending the car ahead of you.

3. Eating.  We’ve all been in a situation where we picked up dinner and have a long drive ahead of us.  So why not save time and eat in the car instead of at the restaurant?  The problem is that many of our meals require active participation.  Putting ketchup on that sandwich, or slicing the chicken breast with a fork and knife.  These activities remove much-needed attention from the road, and can contribute to distracted driving.

4. Loud Music.  Blaring stereos drown out background noise.  Music also has a way of encouraging a driver to zone out mentally.  Turn the music down to help reduce distractions.

5. Daydreaming.  It’s easy to tune out the world, especially on a long drive with nice scenery.  But daydreaming can increase distractions and lead to poor decision-making behind the wheel.

This list is not exclusive, and if you are aware of another common distraction, be sure to avoid it while driving!

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