Tips for Teens Behind the Wheel

Tips for Teens Behind the Wheel

We all remember the first time we got behind the wheel.

It’s a rite of passage for drivers everywhere.

SafeKids Worldwide has released its annual report discussing teens in cars.

While the report has some scary statistics, it also has some reassuring ones.

In 2014, nearly 2,200 teenagers aged 15-19 died in automobile crashes in the U.S.  Three out of four were male.

Distracted driving, especially among teens, is a serious issue in Los Angeles and beyond.

The study reports that teenagers who face strict family accountability and rules behind the wheel are less likely to engage in risky driving behaviors.

Families are encouraged to make rules for their teen drivers.  Make it clear what is expected, and what is unacceptable behavior behind the wheel.

Teen drivers also pick up on behaviors they see their parents performing.  So if you’re a driver who texts and drives, there’s a chance your teen driver will be too.

Your child is watching you.  Stop texting!  Eliminate the distractions!

SafeKids also provides an informative “infographic” for teen drivers.  It lists important ways teen drivers and passengers can improve driving safety.

Here are some tips:

1. Buckle up.

2. Don’t drink and drive.

3. Limit the number of passengers in the car.  More passengers=more potential for rowdiness and dangerous behavior.

4. Don’t text and drive.

5. Obey the speed limit.

6.  Get used to driving in the dark before trying it.

7. If you’re a passenger and the driver is engaging in risky behavior, speak up.

You can view the infographic here.

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