LA Pedestrian Collisions On the Rise

LA Pedestrian Collisions On the Rise

There is some troubling news for both motorists and pedestrians in Los Angeles.

Pedestrian collisions are increasing, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The Valley is seeing more pedestrian collisions, too.

I’ve discussed pedestrian safety many times on these pages.  A common pedestrian accident scenario involves drivers turning left.

What often happens is that left-turning drivers check for oncoming traffic, but don’t check the adjacent crosswalk.

Drivers should keep these words in mind:  LOOK BEFORE YOU TURN!!  Make sure the crosswalk is clear of pedestrians before you begin executing that left turn.

The LAPD says that some pedestrian collisions are the result of pedestrians crossing against traffic.  For example, crossing at yellow lights across long intersections, or even entering the intersection when the red hand is illuminated.

Those who read this blog know that both of these habits are not kosher!

Angelenos can learn more about safe walking habits by visiting the LAPD’s “WalkSmart” Facebook page.

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