Is My Insurance Company’s Liability Decision Binding?

Is My Insurance Company’s Liability Decision Binding?

In a Los Angeles car accident case where an insurance company has made a liability determination, is it always binding?


My office in the past has handled cases where the insurance company has flat-out denied liability for the Los Angeles crash.  Through litigation, we have thankfully convinced them otherwise.

Similarly, I have also seen cases where the police report blames the other driver 100%, only to have that driver’s insurance company tell me they are only responsible for 80% of the crash.

Does that mean they are correct?


They’ll try and back up their claim by saying they’ve undertaken a detailed “factual investigation” and have arrived at a different conclusion than the police officer who took the report.

An insurance company undertaking an “independent” investigation to decide whether they should pay for their driver’s negligence?  If you’re ears perked up when you read “independent”, you might be on to something.

Unless that investigation was performed by a truly “independent” investigator who was not paid by the insurance company, it’s probably suspect.

Just because an insurance company says something, doesn’t make it so!

That’s why you should discuss your case with an experienced Los Angeles accident attorney who can fight insurance company chutzpah!

We are proud to take the fight to them, 24/6!