Just Sitting In Your Car? Close the Door!!

Just Sitting In Your Car?  Close the Door!!

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed issues with cyclists getting “doored” in the past.

In a slight variation of that post, here is another helpful tip that can help prevent door collisions.

If you’re just sitting in your car idling, for whatever reason, close the door!

For example, let’s say you’re adjusting your iPhone jack in the center console.  Do it while the door’s closed!

Or let’s say you’ve arrived at your location, and you begin opening the door, but then your phone buzzes with a text-message alert.

If that phone alert captures your attention, remember that you’ve already begun opening the door, and keeping it open poses a safety risk to passing cyclists and vehicles.

So close it!

Before exiting your car, remember to check your blind spot and make sure it’s now safe to open the door once again.

Traffic conditions probably changed since you got that text message two minutes ago when you first began opening your door.

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