Sometimes You Need a Private Investigator. . .

Sometimes You Need a Private Investigator. . .

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, sometimes I require the assistance of a private investigator.

Why would an attorney like me need the services of a P.I.?

More reasons than you might think!

Often when two people are involved in an accident, one of the drivers (usually the one at-fault) falls off the grid.

For example, my office recently handled a rear-end case, where the at-fault driver took responsibility for the collision at the scene.  He gave my client his name and number.

Then he vanished.

Despite my client’s diligent attempts to call him, with numerous voicemail messages, this guy would just not respond.

So I got my PI on the case!

Guess what?  We found him pretty quickly.

All it took was one letter to this driver to get his insurance company on the phone.  They accepted responsibility that day.

Sometimes people just need a little reminder that they need to play fair.  The services of a private investigator can go a long way in helping to achieve this goal.

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