Pedestrian Accidents in the Parking Lot

Pedestrian Accidents in the Parking Lot

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed parking lot accidents in LA before.

Unfortunately, parking lot accidents increase whenever there is an increase in shopping, such as holiday times.

Well, Passover begins this Friday, and if you’re out-and-about doing some last minute (or not so last-minute) shopping, beware of the parking lot!

Sadly, the parking lot is ground zero for pedestrian accidents at this time of year.

If you’re a pedestrian in a Los Angeles parking lot walking to or from your car, walk in the designated walkway, like the one shown in this picture.

Not all parking lots have clearly delineated pedestrian walkways.  If they don’t, exercise caution and stay alert for cars backing out.

Don’t stop to check your email on your phone while behind a parked car.

In fact, stay off your phone as you’re walking through the parking lot!  Wait to check your email or Instagram until after you’ve made it into the store.

A driver who hits a pedestrian in a parking lot might be at-fault for the collision.  As the pedestrian, you can be legally right, but still in a lot of pain.

Stay safe as you do your Passover shopping, and for questions about your Los Angeles parking lot accident case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!