Where Do I Walk When There’s No Sidewalk!?

Where Do I Walk When There’s No Sidewalk!?

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, pedestrian safety is something I’m passionate about.

Maybe that’s because my very first client was a pedestrian who got hit by a texting-driver while he was lawfully crossing the street.  Sadly, these kinds of avoidable pedestrian accidents happen every day in Los Angeles.

A question I get from time-to-time involves pedestrians walking where there’s no sidewalk.  Where should a pedestrian walk in this scenario?

The answer can be found in the California Vehicle Code.

Section 21956 (as indicated in the photo) says a pedestrian in this situation should walk to his or her left-hand edge of the roadway, facing oncoming traffic.

Pedestrians walking where there’s no sidewalk should also yield the right-of-way to vehicles driving on the roadway.  Normally, pedestrians have the right-of-way, except in this particular situation.

Drivers must also exercise due care for the safety of pedestrians walking in the roadway (VC 21954(b).

Stay safe as you walk out-and-about in Los Angeles!  And for questions about your pedestrian or auto accident case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!