Pedestrians Crossing on a Yellow Light (or Worse)!

Pedestrians Crossing on a Yellow Light (or Worse)!

Driving around the streets of Los Angeles, you’re bound to notice a pedestrian entering the crosswalk on a yellow light.

You might notice this phenomenon on a corner where there’s a Starbucks, Coffee Bean, or other coffee house.  The pedestrian begins crossing against a yellow light, and more often than not, is still in the crosswalk when it turns red.

If you’re like me, you’re probably stopped at the intersection, waiting in dreadful anticipation.  Will Mr. Pedestrian make it before my light turns green!?  Do those cars up ahead see him crossing!?

Sometimes the pedestrian will give a furtive nod to the cars stopped.  The pedestrian might also hold up his latte, politely acknowledging that he’s holding up traffic by crossing when he shouldn’t be.  The latte made me do it!

Vehicle Code Section 21452 makes it illegal for a pedestrian to enter a crosswalk on a yellow light.  And yes, it’s also illegal to enter a crosswalk on a red light.

So if you’re a pedestrian, please do everyone a favor and don’t enter the crosswalk unless you have a green walking signal.

Enjoy your coffee and wait for the next light!

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