Texting While Walking to be Banned?

Texting While Walking to be Banned?

As you know, I’ve discussed various issues related to handheld cellphone use while driving on these pages.

Did you know there’s a growing movement to ban texting while walking?

New Jersey is the latest state to jump on the texting-while-walking bandwagon.

One lawmaker is proposing a $50 fine, plus jail time for distracted pedestrians caught texting while crossing the street.

A few years ago, New York City tried enacting a similar ban, but that proposal was voted down.

Some estimates show that 78% of pedestrian versus car injuries across the country are due to distracted pedestrians on their phones.

So far, California remains free from such texting-while-walking bans.

Los Angeles has hundreds of busy intersections where pedestrian accidents occur all-too-frequently.

If you’re crossing one, it’s a good idea to put your phone away untilĀ after you’ve crossed the street.

Stay safe as you walk out-and-about, and you can find more pedestrian safety tips here.