Dirt Bike Accidents in California

Dirt Bike Accidents in California

The sports world is reeling from the tragic death of Tray Walker.

The second-year Baltimore Ravens Cornerback was killed when his dirt bike collided with an SUV near Miami, Florida.  Authorities say Walker wasn’t wearing a helmet; his bike didn’t have lights; and he was wearing dark clothing.

California has many popular off-road dirt bike trails.  You’ve probably heard of the Imperial Sand Dunes at Glamis.

Believe it or not, dirt bikes are governed by the California Vehicle Code, the same authority that applies to motor vehicles.

Dirt bike riders are required to wear helmets.

A dirt bike must also be equipped with lights, and the rider must turn them on when the circumstances require it.

If you’re an off-road dirt bike or ATV enthusiast, you can review important safety rules here.

Stay safe and follow the rules whether you’re riding on-road or off-road.

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