Los Angeles School Bus Accidents

Los Angeles School Bus Accidents

This morning, a Los Angeles Unified School Bus was involved in an injury collision in Los Angeles.

It’s something that no parent ever wants to hear.  But legally speaking, who’s responsible for a Los Angeles school bus crash?

A lot depends on who is found at-fault for the collision.  If a driver in another vehicle is found to be at-fault, that driver’s insurance would be on the hook for property damage and injuries.

What if a school-bus driver is at fault?

If the driver is employed by a public agency, such as a school district, then the school district might be on the hook for injuries suffered in a Los Angeles school bus crash.

Any time a case involves a public agency, there are strict time limits that must be followed.  Failing to follow these procedures can be fatal to a personal injury claim.

School buses manufactured in California after 2005 must come equipped with seat belts.

We wish all students safe passage to and from school in Los Angeles!  For questions about a Los Angeles school bus crash, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!