LA's Sidewalk Repair Plan: Real Solution, or Pipe Dream?

LA's Sidewalk Repair Plan:  Real Solution, or Pipe Dream?

As a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, I’ve discussed the sad state of Los Angeles’s sidewalks many times.

Just last month I asked what it would take to fix Los Angeles’s dangerous sidewalks.

This week the City announced plans to finally fix sidewalks throughout Los Angeles.  The proposal is also known as a “fix and release” plan.

Question is, is it a viable solution to a serious safety problem?

Under the new plan, the City will repair broken sidewalks, then pass future repairs on to adjacent property owners.

The City would also offer rebates to property owners who took the initiative and repaired their sidewalks themselves.  The City would also waive permit fees for those wanting to fix their own sidewalks.

The plan hasn’t been approved by the full City Council yet.  If the plan is approved, funds for the program should become available in the City’s next fiscal year.

Opponents of the plan argue that the City should continue to be responsible for sidewalk repairs.  We pay taxes for roads, shouldn’t our taxes be used to repair sidewalks too?

I will continue to monitor this new development.   I’ve seen first-hand in my practice how someone’s life can be transformed as a result of the City’s negligence in allowing dangerous sidewalk conditions to fester for decades.

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