Los Angeles Left-turn Motorcycle Accidents

Los Angeles Left-turn Motorcycle Accidents

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed motorcycle crashes before and how you can avoid them.

Left-turns are a very frequent source of these devastating collisions.

A driver turning left has to mentally juggle a lot of factors before safely completing the turn.

Are there cars approaching?  Is there a bicyclist in the bike lane?

Is the adjacent crosswalk clear of pedestrians or cyclists?

Drivers should add “is there a motorcycle splitting the lane, or fully-in-the-lane” to this important list.

Sometimes drivers get intensely focused on oncoming cars that we forget to check for motorcycles.  Or we might see the motorcycle but not process its importance.

But it’s still a left-turning driver’s job to yield to oncoming traffic.

Always look out for motorcyclists before beginning to turn!

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