Settling Your Case Without Filing a Lawsuit

Settling Your Case Without Filing a Lawsuit

Sometimes I’m asked how, as a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’m able to resolve cases for clients without going to court.

Very good question.  I’ll try and explain.

In most circumstances where two or more cars are involved in a crash, liability for the collision will be accepted by the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

When an insurance company accepts liability, often they will want to avoid hiring their attorneys to defend the case.  They know they’re on the hook, and they want to keep their costs down.

So they try and settle cases before they end up costing the insurance company more money.

Knowing this, many times my office is able to successfully resolve cases by negotiating with the at-fault insurance company.  As long as they’re willing to pay reasonably on the claim, I’m willing to negotiate.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always play fair.  Sometimes they will improperly reject claims, even when the police report and supporting evidence doesn’t support their position.

Other times, they’ll use ridiculous excuses to minimize a client’s injuries.  They’ll claim that the accident was a “minor impact”, so the client could not have possible been hurt.

In other words, sometimes they argue that if the car wasn’t hurt, the person inside the car wasn’t either.  We all know that’s baloney!

Insurance companies have many tricks in their playbooks.  Some attorneys let them get away with it.

Not me!  When insurance companies try to get away with chutzpah, the Rabbi Lawyer doesn’t put up with it!

When I’m faced with an unreasonable adjuster who refuses to see the light or to appreciate the extent of my client’s injuries, I’m not afraid to file suit and take them to court.

For questions about your Los Angeles accident or trip-and-fall case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!