What to do If You Witness an Accident

What to do If You Witness an Accident

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve witnessed my fair share of accidents myself.

Last night, two people called me after witnessing a terrible car crash on Wilshire Boulevard.  Two brand new Corvettes were drag racing, when one of them slammed into a parked car.

Here’s what you can do if you witness a Los Angeles car accident.

1. Call 911.  Pull over to a safe location and call 911.  Describe the location of the accident, and if you can, how many cars were involved.

Sometimes, dispatch will tell you that they’ve been notified about the accident by others.  In that case, provide your contact number in case the investigating officer wants to talk to a witness at a later time.

2. See if anyone was hurt.  Is everyone involved OK?  Do paramedics need to respond to the scene?  If you’re concerned about the health or safety of any of the drivers or pedestrians, professional help should be summoned.

3. Don’t lose your cool.  You may have seen one of the offending drivers run a red light or do something else that contributed to the crash.  But don’t yell or shout or point fingers.  It’s already  a stressful situation, and yelling will only make it worse.  Let the police officers do their job.

4. If police arrive, tell them what happened.  Give your honest assessment of what you saw.  Don’t necessarily try blaming one of the drivers.  It’s the officer’s job to investigate and assign blame–not yours.

5. Don’t just drive away!  It’s not always possible to pull over immediately after witnessing a crash.  After a crash, it’s highly likely that one or both of the drivers will be too flummoxed to know what’s going on.  They need help, and while you aren’t obligated to offer assistance, it’s the right thing to do.

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