Tips for Driving in the Fog

Tips for Driving in the Fog

Recently, yours truly discussed safety tips for driving in the rain.

I’ve also discussed driving with the sun in your eyes.

With these issues in mind, you’ve probably noticed how Los Angeles has been blanketed with thick fog every morning this week.

As you may recall from your time studying the DMV driver handbook, driving in the fog can present all sorts of hazards.  While it’s best to avoid driving in the fog, most of us have to get behind the wheel, fog or not.

So if you must get behind the wheel, here are a few, non-exhaustive safety tips for driving in the fog.

1. Slow Down.  Thick fog might create the illusion that you are driving slower than you actually are.

2. Use your low-beams (NOT your high-beams).  Using your high-beams (AKA your “brights”) will reflect off the water particles in the fog, causing further visibility problems.  And they won’t help you see ahead of you.  Use your low-beams instead.

3. Use your fog-lights.  If your car is equipped with fog lights, use them.

4. Do NOT stop in the road.  The natural reaction is stop if you can’t see ahead of you.  However this presents the danger of getting rear-ended by cars that might have trouble seeing you.  If you have to stop for whatever reason, find a safe place to pull over.

Stay safe in the fog, and for questions about your Los Angeles accident case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!