Driving Distractions Can Last Longer than You Think!

Driving Distractions Can Last Longer than You Think!

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed distracted driving (cell phone use, in particular) in the past.

Did you know that according to the Automobile Club, distractions while driving can last longer than you think?

Research conducted by AAA suggests that it can take up to 27 seconds for a driver to re-establish mental focus  after becoming distracted by cell phone use or other distractions.

As a result, a distracted driver can become slow to react to new stimuli on the road.

A driver might see, but not necessarily register changed road conditions such as a pedestrian crossing, a stop sign or red light, or even other cars.

The next time you’re at a red light and are tempted to scan the news on Facebook or Instagram, remember that it can take you up to half a minute to re-establish your alertness.  A lot can happen in half a minute.

The best solution?

Put down your phone!

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