Accidents in Tree Work Zones

Accidents in Tree Work Zones

In the past, we’ve discussed Los Angeles construction zone accidents.

Did you know that Los Angeles accidents are also common on streets where tree work or maintenance is performed?

Usually, tree maintenance is performed by the Department of Urban Forestry.  The Department is authorized to redirect traffic away from streets where maintenance is being performed.

Of course, that doesn’t excuse workers from being negligent.

Drivers and pedestrians must be given adequate warnings about tree work, and all proper precautions must be taken by workers performing the tree maintenance, whether they be employees of the City of Los Angeles, or private contractors.

Los Angeles is famous for its magnificent, tree-lined streets (which, in many cases, have contributed to dangerous sidewalks!).

While these trees offer shade and natural beauty, they also require maintenance and repairs from time to time.  These must be done with proper care and prudence to avoid injuries.

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