Which of our Presidents were Lawyers?

Which of our Presidents were Lawyers?

It’s Presidents Day across the country!

In honor of this important federal holiday, and to celebrate my return from a much-needed week long vacation, I present this post in a respectful nod to the 25 (out of 44) men  who, like the Rabbi Lawyer, happen to be or were attorneys before entering the Oval Office and leading our great country.

Many of the Founding Fathers were lawyers.  This explains why 7 out of our first 10 presidents were too.

Chances are the president you did your first book report on was a lawyer!  I’m talking about Jefferson, both Adams’, Madison, Andrew Jackson, and of course, Abraham Lincoln.

In the last century, fewer lawyers became president than the preceding hundred years.

William Howard Taft was a judge before becoming Solicitor General.  After completing his presidential term, he was appointed  Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the only president to accomplish this goal.

FDR was a lawyer, as were Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.  Bill Clinton was a lawyer, and if you’re old enough to remember, he got disbarred while in office.

Barack Obama was a law professor before running for Senate in 2004.

Are any of the current presidential candidates lawyers?

Hillary Clinton earned her law degree from Yale Law School.  Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both lawyers on the Republican side of the aisle.

Lawyers have accomplished great things and led our country in times of need.  This Presidents Day, take a moment to reflect on the service of some of our country’s past leaders who earned their stripes in the practice of law.

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