What's It Going to Take to Fix the Sidewalks in LA!?

What's It Going to Take to Fix the Sidewalks in LA!?

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, my clients know that I handle Los Angeles sidewalk trip-and-fall cases.

In fact, I’ve discussed this important safety topic many times.  I’ve provided an overview of your Los Angeles sidewalk case, and recently, an explanation of what the law calls a dangerous sidewalk “condition.”

Good people are getting hurt every day on Los Angeles sidewalks.  I’ve seen some devastating injuries in my practice, including broken bones that required emergency surgeries and surgical insertion of metal hardware.

Even celebrities have been known to take a tumble on Los Angeles sidewalks.  Bob Barker, who’s a television icon, was injured in October after tripping on the sidewalk near his home.

Luckily for Bob, a local contractor is repairing that portion of the sidewalk for free.  The City fast-tracked the approval of that work, which was gratuitously donated by a local contractor.  Kudos to him!

Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the City finally got around to repairing your sidewalk?!

Until the City gets its act together, more and more people will get hurt on Los Angeles sidewalks.

If you see a raised slab of concrete or other dangerous sidewalk in Los Angeles, remember to report it immediately to the City of Los Angeles on your smartphone or computer.

For questions about your Los Angeles sidewalk case, the Rabbi Lawyer is ready to assist, 24/6!