U-Turns are Illegal in a “Business District”!

U-Turns are Illegal in a “Business District”!

Did you know that making a U-turn is illegal in a ‘business district’?

And so, the next question is, what is a business district?

The Vehicle Code defines a business district as a stretch of road in which 50% of the properties within 300 feet are used for business.

Some common examples for Hancock Park drivers would include La Brea Avenue; Third Street, and Beverly Boulevard.

In the Pico-Robertson neighborhood, both Pico Boulevard and Robertson would most likely be considered business districts, as would La Cienega and portions of Olympic.

U-turns are illegal in business districts, even at intersections.

Always keep a lookout for signs that might forbid U-turns at your particular intersection.  U-turns should never be done in the middle of the street, but rather at an intersection, where allowed.

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