See Railroad Tracks? THINK TRAIN!

See Railroad Tracks? THINK TRAIN!

Did you know in the United States, every three hours another person or vehicle is hit by a passing train?

Southern California experienced its (unfair) share of railroad tragedies in 2015.  There was the Oxnard Metrolink crash which killed the train’s engineer, and the death of fitness star Greg Plitt who was trespassing on a Burbank railroad track when he was fatally hit by an oncoming train.

What can you do to prevent train tragedies?  According to Operation Lifesaver, plenty.

The main thing you can do boils down to one simple rule.  If you see tracks, EXPECT A TRAIN.  You may not hear it, but it’s very possibly on its way towards you.

If you do see a train, don’t try and outrun it.  It’s faster than you.

Don’t try and beat the train with your car either.  When it’s car versus train, TRAIN ALWAYS WINS!

You can download more educational materials by following this link.

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