Los Angeles T-bone Accidents Are Increasing

Los Angeles T-bone Accidents Are Increasing

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I’ve been receiving more client inquiries lately involving t-bone accidents.

First, what is a t-bone accident?  It’s when one car traveling straight collides with another car traveling from left to right, or right to left.   The collision usually results in a twisted heap of metal that resembles the shape of a “T”.

Many Los Angeles neighborhoods are seeing more and more of these types of devastating accidents.  My theory is because hundreds of quaint, residential Los Angeles streets border busy east-west thoroughfares.  These include Third Street, Sixth Street, and Beverly Boulevard in Hancock Park, as well as Olympic and Wilshire in Miracle Mile/Mid-Wilshire.

Often, drivers exiting residential streets try cutting across these large roadway arteries to continue on their route along the quieter residential streets.  Most of these residential streets do not have stoplights, but instead have stop signs.  The lack of stoplights forces drivers to aggressively assert themselves by cutting across the artery one lane at a time.

What often happens is that some drivers will yield to our aggressive driver described above.  That driver may see one lane of traffic yielding, assuming the adjacent lane will yield too.

But it doesn’t always happen.  In this example, the driver who had the stop sign would be at-fault for the resulting T-bone collision.

T-bone collisions can cause serious injuries.  There’s a reason why there’s a limit-line at every stop sign.

Hancock Park drivers should think twice before trying to cut across Beverly Boulevard or Third Street.  The same goes for every other Los Angeles neighborhood.  Find an intersection with a light, and cross there.

It could save a life.

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