You Can't Skip this Blog Post. . .

You Can't Skip this Blog Post. . .

It’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m thrilled to report that today I concluded a case for one of my clients.  The details are very interesting.

My client was waiting for a parking spot in a Costco parking lot.  As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I have experience handling parking lot accidents.  This one turned out to be different.

As my client was waiting for the spot ahead of her to open up–BAM!  An adjacent driver thought it was a brilliant idea to try out his new backup camera.  But he forgot to hit the brakes before slamming into my client’s car.

There was no issue of liability here.  Mr. Backup Camera’s insurance company paid for my client’s vehicle repairs, which were more than $4,000.  Then something funny happened.

This insurance company sent me a letter denying responsibility for my client’s injuries.

When I called the insurance company, the representative told me that there was no way my client was injured.  Despite the fact that they’d seen no medical records, they were summarily denying my client’s  bodily injury claim.

The representative also told me that it would not be economically feasible for me to file a lawsuit in this case.  “You lawyers are all about the money–and you won’t make any on this case.”  That’s what the adjuster told me.

So guess what I did?

I filed a lawsuit!  Money or not, there was no way was I going to allow this insurance company talk out of both sides of its mouth by paying for property damage, but not paying for my client’s injuries.

A funny thing happened after I filed the lawsuit.  Another adjuster called and offered to settle the case.  After a few counteroffers, my client agreed to settle the case.  She got her medical expenses paid, and much more for her pain and suffering.

Oh, and her lawyer made money too!

Which insurance company was this?  I won’t name names, but if you think about it, the title of this blog post might give you a hint.

The insurance company in this case tried getting away with incredible chutzpah.  The Rabbi Lawyer would have none of it!

I’m not afraid to file lawsuits and fight for clients when the circumstances warrant it.  In this case, they did.

I look forward to helping my clients in the new year.  Together, we can put an end to insurance company chutzpah in 2016 and beyond!