Driving or Biking with Earbuds?

Driving or Biking with Earbuds?

As a Los Angeles accident attorney, I try and stay current on laws that affect motorists and cyclists alike.

One law that usually goes unnoticed (that is, until someone gets a ticket for it) involves driving or biking with headphones in both ears.

The Vehicle Code prohibits both drivers and cyclists from wearing headphones in both ears while on the road.

The Code makes no mention of the ubiquitous Apple earbuds.  That’s about to change.

Starting January 1, 2016, the Code will be amended to include a prohibition against wearing earbuds.  Any form of earphones that are inserted into the ears are included in this prohibition.

The rationale for the rule is obvious.  Listening to earphones/earbuds is distracting, and can prevent a driver or cyclists from hearing emergency vehicles.  That can, in turn, create unnecessary traffic hazards.

For a list of other laws that will take effect January 1st, here’s a quick list from the California DMV.

Wishing all a Happy New Year, and safe driving/cycling in the new year and beyond.

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