Careful! Cross-Traffic Doesn't Stop!

Careful! Cross-Traffic Doesn't Stop!

As a Los Angeles car accident lawyer, I know that the following scenario happens every day.

You’re approaching a stop sign, and after you come to a complete stop (hopefully!), you begin to accelerate into the intersection.

You know that cars are traveling towards your intersection from the left and the right, but you assume they’ll stop.  You have a stop sign, so naturally, they do too, right?


There are hundreds of intersection in Los Angeles that are four-way stops, but many are two-way stops only.  Many of these are located in residential neighborhoods, such as Hancock Park, Miracle Mile, and Mid-Wilshire.

And while some of these two-way stop intersections have helpful reminders and warnings like the one pictured here, others do not.

Always be careful when approaching a stop sign.  Pay close attention to the flow of traffic, and whether your intersection is a two-way stop, or a four-way stop.

The last thing you need is to get T-boned at an intersection for failing to yield to cross-way traffic.

You can also review stop sign rules here.

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