California Clamps Down on Driverless Cars

California Clamps Down on Driverless Cars

Recently, I discussed on these pages the up-and-coming issue of driverless cars.

While many hope that this new technology will soon become mainstream, California this week threw a wrench in those plans.

Lawmakers unveiled new regulations aimed at putting the brakes on autonomous vehicles until several important issues are resolved.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the rules will hold motorists responsible for accidents regardless of whether they are operating the vehicle.

Drivers will only be permitted to lease, not purchase, such vehicles.  A special license to operate autonomous cars along with the completion of a specialized training course are also being considered among the proposed regulations.

The California DMV has studied this issue extensively, and these proposed regulations are aimed at increasing safety before these vehicles are offered to the public in mass quantities.

Google, which has made some concessions to California regulators in the past,  is not happy about the proposed regulations.

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I embrace safety technology that can help prevent accidents.  It’s too early to tell whether driverless cars will accomplish this task.

And from the looks of it, California just delayed the rollout of driverless cars, at least in this State.

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