Who’s At-Fault in a Multiple Car Crash?

Who’s At-Fault in a Multiple Car Crash?

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve handled many auto accidents involving multiple cars.

These accidents often happen on the freeway, and are more likely to occur in stop-and-go traffic.  That’s because drivers can misjudge the speed needed to navigate freeway traffic conditions, often accelerating too quickly, only to slam on the brakes seconds later.  And sometimes it’s too late.

So who’s at fault in a multiple vehicle crash on a Los Angeles freeway or surface street?

In most instances, the car initiating the pileup would be legally at-fault for the subsequent collisions.

For example, if Car 1 cannot stop in time, then rear-ends Car 2, which in turn rear-ends Car 3, Car 3 can likely point the blame at Car 1.  If Car 1 had not hit Car 2, then Car 2 would not have hit Car 3.

In the above scenario, the insurance company for Car 2 would need to nail down whether the driver of Car 3 felt one impact, or two.  Two impacts means that Car 2 likely has some responsibility in addition to Car 1.

Remember to always keep a safe following distance from the car ahead of you.  If that car short-stops and you hit him, you’re probably at fault for following too closely.

Stop-and-go traffic is the site of hundreds of accidents in Los Angeles every year.  Being stuck in traffic is never an excuse to text your friends, browse Instagram, or play Candy Crush.

I’ve seen too many drivers begin using their phones while stopped in traffic, only to continue doing so as traffic eases up.

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