Changing Lanes? Don’t Forget to Check for Motorcyclists!

Changing Lanes? Don’t Forget to Check for Motorcyclists!

As a Los Angeles accident lawyer, I’ve discussed motorcycle accidents on these pages before.

This week my office signed up a Los Angeles motorcycle accident case.

What happened?

My client was riding at the regular speed of traffic on one of Los Angeles’ main roadway arteries.  The two left lanes were backed up, and my client was in the far-right lane on his motorcycle.  Traffic in his lane was clear.

Then, out of nowhere, a car from one of the congested lanes quickly merged into my client’s lane, cutting him off, and forcing him to slam on his bike’s brakes.  Unfortunately, his motorcycle collided with the rear of the car, sending him to the pavement.  Hard.

Who’s at-fault in this scenario?  The car merging into my client’s lane, according to the California Vehicle Code.  The improper movement is also known as an unsafe lane change, and the driver should never have changed lanes without first making sure it was clear to do so.

As readers may know, lane-splitting for motorcyclists in California is legal.  If splitting the lane is legal, then motorcyclists may legally take up an entire lane.

Next time you change lanes, in addition to checking your blind spot for a lane-splitter, don’t forget to check the actual lane itself.  A motorcyclist may be approaching, and he or she has every right to take up an entire lane.

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