Construction Zone Auto Accidents in Los Angeles

Construction Zone Auto Accidents in Los Angeles

Construction in Los Angeles is booming.

Whether it’s the purple-line extension of the Los Angeles Metro, or other high-traffic intersections along Wilshire Boulevard and the Miracle Mile, the west-side is seeing more and more property development.

And that means more traffic issues and the potential for more accidents.

Vehicle Code 21370 authorizes Cal Trans or its representatives to restrict and regulate the movement of traffic for everyone’s safety.

That means temporary signs, detours, and lane closures are the law in that particular location!

I have seen some close calls on the stretch of Wilshire between Highland and La Brea.  Drivers should pay special attention to this area and others where traffic is temporarily redirected away from construction zones.

Drivers should be careful not to collide with temporary signs or traffic walls or barriers in place along construction sites.

And everyone should keep an eye out for heavy equipment vehicles or construction zone employees that may be navigating at or near construction zones.

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